This is sad: Wachovia expects savings up to 30 percent by moving work to India

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This is awful! When will these U.S. companies get the joke? Outsourcing is (in the end) bad business. Especially when you consider the communication barrier between native english speakers and learned english from those that take an “Amercian” name for phone work.

The final smack in the corporate head will come when the absolute lowest cost provider/county has been reached and you are losing customers instead of keeping them and bleeding cash in the form of increased support costs due to unrealized inefficencies.

Via Miami Herald

“Associated Press – CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wachovia Corp. expects to generate savings of up to 30 percent by moving some of its technology work to India, chief information officer Martin Davis said.

The Charlotte-based bank told about 3,000 technology employees this week it will outsource some technology work to India through as many as three outside companies. The move will result in an unspecified number of job cuts among its 93,600 employees.


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