On Being Dad

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There are many things to being Dad. First, accompanying the revelation of the miracle of birth is this sudden jolt of responsibility for something more than the childless couple you once were. It is this: we are a family.

A Dad is one part of an epoxy that keeps the family together. This adhesive is more special than any from Elmer’s or Loctite. It is transparent and strong. Malleable and resilient. Valuable and irreplaceable.

It is a spectacular balancing act that we Dads attempt. Somewhere between the shared duties of cooking, cleaning, laundry, finances and the flutter of the everyday, we are here to provide another steadying influence on the child (or children) in our charge.

In addition, Dads our are Wife’s friend, confidant and lover. Often Dad’s are called upon to fix, lift, install, assemble, grill, mow and rake.

A Dad’s perspective is sometimes colored or flawed by experience, hope or expectation. But, a Dad is unique and happy in his “dadness”.

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