Free seminar – Gross Blog Anatomy: Dissecting Blogs from a Marketer’s Point of View

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Note: If you can’t attend let me know and maybe we can arrange a similar event locally.

Gross Blog Anatomy: Dissecting Blogs from a Marketer’s Point of View
55 minutes

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OverviewWith publications like Business Week running cover stories on how “Blogs Will Change Your Business,” it’s no wonder that companies everywhere are starting to wonder what they should do about “this blogging thing.” This seminar will explore blogs from start to finish, offering insight on the value they can bring to your business, their potential impact from a PR perspective and tips on how to get started.

Who Should Benefit
Marketers and PR professionals at all levels, including vice presidents, directors and managers—as well as managers and executives in other departments (sales, customer service, etc.) who work with or support marketing. An understanding of the fundamentals of marketing and/or public relations is highly recommended.

What You Will Cover
Corporate blogging basics including definitions of key blog “components” and an introduction to affordable and easy-to-use blog software
Techniques for maintaining an effective corporate blog as well as tips on promoting it to target audiences
Suggestions on measuring the overall success of corporate blogging initiatives

How You Will Benefit

Learn how to use blogs to strengthen relationships with core audiences, such as customers, partners and the media
Gain a clear understanding of how blogs fit into – and complement – overall marketing communications and public relations programs
Avoid common blogging “pitfalls” to increase your chances of a successful foray into the blogosphere

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Guest Speakers
Janet Johnson and Tara Smith are responsible for creating and managing the public relations and marketing communications strategy for Marqui, Inc.. With diverse histories in marketing and telecommunications, Janet and Tara excel at uncovering and driving value through technology. Together they share an infectious passion for blogging and making money at it.

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