Blogging is Fundamental (to Business)

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Feedster CEO,Scott Rafer, writes about turning on customers to your brand through blogs in “Customer Relationships are Fundamental”

“Blogs work beautifully as conversation, customer support and as entertainment — but they fail utterly as infomercials. Employee blogging, official or unofficial, will influence the quality of customer relationships — not radically change the quantity of them. Demand creation and lead generation will still be handled in other ways.”

Later he states “We should focus on blogs in crisis communications and blogs as an advertising medium. Before we can be very effective, we’ll likely need to educate those around us as to the nature of blogging as a medium. The most common misconception among corporate communications and marketing groups is that their blogs need to be fascinating, or interesting, or controversial. The only things required are that they be timely, give the reader some mechanism for feedback and that they meet the expectations set by their authors.”

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