Some Greater Greensboro Builders Association Members Need a Review in Good Manners

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This might be a symptom of all “professional” groups or declining standards of civilization I do not know. I am not an insider to the GGBA, just a guest.

Two events stuck out in my mind as an attendee at Saturday’s Parade of Homes Gala function of the Greater Greensboro Builders Association.

1.) The “professional” builders who could not keep their trap shut during the introduction of the program until we reached the opening prayer. I will admit the speaker and/or the PA were a bit muted but, there was no mistaking from any distance that something was happening on the stage at the Koury Convention Center.

2.) The “professional” builder who shot “the high hard one” to a fellow professional builder in the $500,000 or more home category as he received his award. This is the kind of behavior I thought we left in High School. I guess someone in the local builder community either hasn’t graduated or hasn’t matured.

Great to know that we have some “real refined” professionals within the local builder organization.

It’s a real shame a few turds tarnished what should have been a celebration of achievement in the local building industry.

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Overall, everyone I met in person were very nice and those seated nearest to me knew how to conduct themselves.

I wasn’t offended, just disappointed. Guess, I expect too much from those we entrust to build us homes.

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