N&R/Cal Thomas: Will the Real Anti-Blogging Opinion Please Stand Up?

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In the Friday (print ed.) of the News & Record “Second Opinion, pg A11” I read an anti-blogging column by Cal Thomas (not available online from the N&R;).

Insensed by some of Mr. Thomas’ opinions I was preparing rebuttal. So, with the print edition at the ready I did some research for an on-line version. I found one version here:Cal Thomas and was dismayed by the editing that seemed to occur to fit the N&R;’s page.

You’ll notice that the headlines differ:

“Blogs are not serious journalism” (News & Record)

“The blog that ate real journalism” (Jewish World Review)

There are also several paragraphs missing. The missing paragraphs may or may not be key to Thomas’ argument but, to use a quote from Thomas ” [this kind of editing] makes me nostalgic for the good old days of journalism.” The good old days indeed…. when an opinion could run it’s course without cowtowing to the needs of advertisers.

Cal, looks like your a victim of your own preferred medium. Never mind, Cal probably won’t read this as it diverts “our attention from real and serious journalism”.

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