My Five (or so) Seconds of Fame

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As promised by Lenslinger, FOX 8 delivered a Buckley Report on the Greensboro Blogosphere during their 10 o’clock broadcast last night. The usual (and much respected) Roch of, Ed Cone, Billy the Blogging Poet all had their justly deserved camera time. The piece even stopped by Shu’s place Greensboro is Talking. If I’m not mistaken Lenslinger spent a little time on his own blog, too. ;-)
Bob Buckley started his blog (no link that I could find to the mentioned blog, yet) and even yours truly, the interpid author of this blog had 5 or so seconds on camera as Buckley spun the tale of the Triad being at the cutting edge of communication.

All in all a good introduction to the masses from a local station keeping ahead of the pack.

I still have 14 minutes, 55 seconds of fame left (according to Warhol’s addage that “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.” ). If you count the time I was on camera while visiting Chattanooga,TN with Action Greensboro , maybe even less.

A lot of the fine footage was shot on location at the last Greensboro Blogger Meetup. Perhaps you’ll join us for the fun next time?

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