Monday Morning a Piece of Modernity Makes Way for Shopping

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When I first visited Greensboro back in 1998 on a job interview I was struck by several things. Architecturally the landscape seemed homogenous almost like one could pour everything into a one gallon jug of whole milk. But, when my relocation specialist, who toured me around the area, drove down Friendly towards Wendover my jaw dropped as we approached the Burlington Industries headquarters. What was this? A steel superstructure ensconced a glass tower. The building’s design in sharp contrast to the residential area surrounding it. I was impressed. Being an armchair fan of architecture this strucuture reminded me of the John Hancock tower by I.M. Pei.

The Burlington Industries building was designed by A.G. Odell and Associates of Charlotte in 1971.

But, alas, Monday we bid farwell to one of Greensboro’s modern architectural gems for some more shopping.

This says a lot about the area’s priorities…sad.

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