Do Counterfeit Goods Really Cost N.C. Jobs?

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According to an “investigative” report last night on the 10:00 News (Fox 8 – WGHP), they do. The NC Secretary of Commmerce concurred… counterfeit good cost North Carolina jobs, legitimate retailers money, etc.
As I watched the segment my mind convulsed… this is bull. The logic is flawed on several counts.
1.) Counterfeit goods come from the same countries that some of the legit goods originate. How does that put N.C. jobs in jeapordy? It doesn’t. The same offshore companies are producing the same goods they always have. Last time I checked, N.C. does not produce designer handbags within it’s borders.
2.) Flea marketeers are legit retailers just like some store at the mall. How is a flea market vendor not a legitimate business? They collect and pay sales tax (for the most part) don’t they?
One point the segment made is valid: Legitimate retaliers are hurt. If the “fakes” are exact replicas and the retailer represents the goods as the real thing you have an issue.
But, ultimately isn’t it what it’s always been… Buyer beware? If it’s too good of a deal it probably is.

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