Why Wal-Mart Will Rule the (Retail) World by Default

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Today is one of the highest days for tree pollen in N.C. Being prone to suffer from the tree pollen that Loratadine doesn’t seem to cover, I sought some relief. A post on Dr. Weil’s Web site got me going in the right direction…NasalCrom®. A check of the CVS Web site showed NasalCrom as an available item.

So, I drag myself (and nose) out to the Hwy 64 West location in Asheboro, NC. Proceeding to the aisle marked Allergy I look….and look…and look. No NasalCrom. So, I ask at the Pharmacy. The assistant doesn’t know but, gets the Pharmacist. This Pharmacist proceeds to tell me that it’s by perscription and that these Zicam products on the bottom shelf “are in the same class”.

I dismiss the pharmicist with a “thanks” and proceed to leave the store. Out of curiosity (and some measure of disgust) I drive to Wal-Mart just down the road. I walk in and go immediately to the pharmacy department.

Up on the shelf are two versions of NasalCrom (100 dose and 200 dose)! I snap up the 200 dose version and proceed to the self checkout (no lines and no waiting). Back at my car I dose up and… some indications of relief! The package notes it may take up to a week for full results. Heck, I’ll take what I got after the first does.

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Now, how am I backing my posts’ title? Well, it quite simple… Wal-Mart has what I want (usually) and generally has it for less. CVS suffers (in this case) from NOT getting the selection into the stores and INFORMING their staff.

Sure, Wal-Mart is a category killing, mom and pop shop squashing, big box behemoth but, when a chain drug outfit can’t compete using PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE, DEEPER SELECTION and CUSTOMER SERVICE, there is no hope in hell. Wal-Mart will rule by default.

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