A Visit to the New Stadium : Greensboro Grasshopper’s Game 2

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I wasn’t going to blog about our family trek to the 2nd game for Greensboro’s Grasshoppers (the A affiliate for the Marlins) in the newly completed First Horizon Park but, Dave over at A Little Urbanity got me re-thinking and then, after reading Hogg’s Blog I thought I’d wade my way in to the discussion.

Let me say by way of full disclosure: I was part of Action Greensboro up to (and including) the original trip to Chattanooga, TN. (Those that went will remember when it was time to leave we were diverted back into the terminal for a security scan to board our chartered flight.) Not long after the trip I decided I had enough and parted company.

Chattanooga’s BellSouth Park… it was nice, well done (on a moderate budget) and quite attractive. The details of that park escape me but, I remember thinking as I stood in the sun on our way into the Tennessee ballpark “very well done. I wonder how “dolled -up” Greensboro would make theirs?”

Well, in my humble opinion, it would be much like comparing a family sedan to a luxury coupe. Make no mistake, I was impressed by what I saw last night at Greensboro’s new First Horizon ballpark but, I’m left with a lingering “what if we remodeled” kind of feeling.


All this aside… my family and I had a wonderful time! Unfortunately, the game was more exciting for the visiting team last night than for the home team (score: 3 -6). Parking was plentiful and traffic (if one can call it that) was a breeze. There is a playground to keep the kids from going stir crazy. Lots of activity between innings (sumo wrestling, bug eating and various foot races) to keep Ms. N amused. The concessions were priced reasonably and the facility was clean.

Our game experience was cut short (top of the 8th) by Ms. N’s schedule conflicts (mostly the need for sleep). But, despite this, we’d do it again. We missed the fireworks but, there’s always next time!

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