Great Service & Yummy: Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs

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I don’t often blog to praise a product but, I find that after the pleasant customer service recovery Nabisco did on our complaint I would let (all three of you) in on a decent snack find. (Insert standard disclaimer: No member of my immediate family, or I, have any financial interest in Nabisco.)

Nabisco makes a line of “100 Calorie packs”. Sold in the grocery stores as a box of 6/5 oz pouches. The club pack in Costco has a lot more pouches.

I think it’s a great way to snack 2x per day. Even if you’re not looking to eat better… it’s a damn convenient size. If you DO want to eat smarter it’s not a bad thing to help get a sugar/salt/chocolate “fix” and not over do it. The wife and I started at Costco with a “club pack” of several varities.

We like these the best so far but, have not tried the Chesse Nip® version.:

Now about the customer service… One box we recently purchased of the Honey Maid variety differed from the first package we bought. “A lot like cardboard” was our best explanation (and no, this has nothing to do with the actual product). We decided to call and I was prepared for nothing short of underwhelming. I was suprised to find when I called I reached a REAL person, with an American accent! The representative listened to my concern and offer reimbursement! Wonderful!

She attributed our concerns to humidity and temperature changes during the shipping. Whatever, I wasn’t looking to prove her wrong just let them know

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