Your Rights Eroding: FISA, COINTELPRO,POSSE COMITATUS, and the Consitution

While watching a program on the Free Speech Network “Terrorisim & the Constitution” I got a lot of information on some acronyms that I didn’t know about which directly impact all of our rights.

FISAThe Foreign Intelligence surveillance Act (link to ACLU) which operates a court in secrecy and permits the government to “delay notice” of the fact that you were under surveillance.

POSSE COMITATUS Act – In short, it’s supposed to limit the military from performing police actions. Modified in the 80’s to help with the “War on Drugs”. Let’s just say it’s doing less today of what it was originally intended. To understand it further just read this.

COINTELPRO – Started in the 60’s & 70’s according to the TV program by the FBI and local police forces. A counter-intelligence program which was designed to observe and disrupt the operation of political/anti-war activists organizations. Complete details here. There is evidence that local police forces are again using cointelpro under the veil of counterterrorism.

Who knows maybe your blog is being watched too?

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