Tsunamis, Sir Lanka and Arthur C. Clarke

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I have resisted any post on the tsunamis because I’ve had nothing substanial to add to the overall outpouring of support and chatter by the media. I remember back in December learning that the Tsunamis included Sri Lanka in their wake…. The two that read my blog are probably thinking, ” WTF, Rob… Sri Lanka… who do you know there?”

Well, if you’ve read any amount of Science Fiction in the last 30 years you’ve probably read at least one Arthur C. Clarke novels. That’s my Sir Lanka connection. Many years ago, like so many other Brits, Sir Arthur (he’s been knighted) moved/semi-retired to Sri Lanka. To my relief, it turns out that the author and family survived unscathed.

If you want a glimpse of what’s going on and Clarke’s recommendations on what to do with those donation dollars check out his Foundation’s homepage. There is also an article that sythensizes the situation farily well.


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