FahrenHYPE 9/11 – Reviewed

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Ok, maybe I’m among the last to watch and comment on the cinemagraphic response to the liberal, milllionaire, moviemaker’s trash. But, I did pre-order FahrenHYPE 9/11 from Overstock.com and received the movie upon it’s release as promised. (I do have a family and a job..you know!)

Bottom line, this film delivers. For one, it gives those who Moore excerpted comments (and nearly libeled) a forum to be heard.

Moore’s movie clearly attempted to sell some Rivisionist History (e.g. transforming an op/ed piece into a newspaper headline and other factual travisties) that attempts to skew perception of 9/11 actions and facts. For example: Moore states in his film that the Saudi Royal Family was allowed to leave the U.S. before airtravel was offically resumed post 9/11. In fact, the Saudis left when air travel resumed on 9/13. (Source: 9/11 Commission Report).

When the truth is compared with what Moore’s film is telling he looks more like a cheerleader for the Taliban. Don’t buy what Michael Moore is selling it’s untrue & un-American.

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