THIS is what (ELSE) is wrong with the I.N.S.

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Imagine you are a Swedish visa holder in the U.S.A. traveling by Grehound bus from California to Texas. You are traveling with your recently engaged U.S. citizen fiancee’. At the Texas state border the bus is pulled over at a checkpoint.

It gets worse…

You find that your visa has expired so, you are then wisked off to a hell hole in El Paso, TX. This despite your soon to be husband offering to put you on a plane THAT INSTANT. The only hope offered was when the I.N.S. agent asked if you were married.

Of course, you both truthfully replied “No.”

So, father-in-law has made calls to Washington and I guess we’ll see what that gets us. (My guess is not much, my hope is a lot.)

This is a true story. It just happened to my brother-in-law.

If we could really, straighten out our bored, border officers and re-prioritize their deployment to say…the U.S./Mexico border… then, I could understand this happening.

But, in the middle of the country, far from the border? Gimme a break.

Sure, my soon-to-be Sister-in-law should have taken some more responsibility for her visa but, it’s not like she’s a known terrorist from a enemy nation. She’s from Sweden for chissakes!


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