Visit Google: Pictures of Googleplex

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I lifted this link off the Google blog feed. 6S (a Search optimization company) visited the Googleplex. All can say is “Wow!” Those fortunate to work in this environment and others like it…you are a lucky few. It is no wonder people in world class facilities (generally) are inspired to turn out world class products and services.

And please don’t leave me comments about how H & P started HP from that garage in Palo Alto.

I know not all of us work in world class facilities and (still) turn out some amazing products and services.

Not all of us are there at the start of a great company. In later generations of a company you might need something more than a great product or service to maintain morale. An extrodinary investment in employees through your office set-up, benefits and cafeteria show what you mean to the Joe or Jane in the cubefarm.

Visit 6S photo album of the Googleplex.

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