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Miss You, Man

It’s hard to know the impact that a musician or band has fully on oneself until you find out that somehow they have left this planet.

I like so many other millions of metal fans find myself at a loss for the tradegy that befell Dimebag.

Now, I will admit I have not followed the bandmembers since Vulgar but, there can be no mistaking that the mistreant involved in Dimebag’s demise is the lowest form of scum to have been on this Earth. This piece of crap has met the end he deserverd. The perp was shot fatally by the police and this is some comfort to me.

The only more fitting end would be that friends and family could all join the cop in that response.

I can only hope the end of the murderer reduces the pain somehow for those that are even closer to Dimebag than myself.

Dimebag’s contribution to the genre is incalculable and the influence he and his Pantera brothers had on my bass playing in the 90’s was enormous.

Dimebag Darrell of Damageplan and Pantera Dies


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