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When 300 baud was the bomb

This is a great piece When 300 baud was the bomb. I wasn’t there for 300K modems/boards like the author was. Just briefly stopped in at some BBS boards. But, it did get me thinking (reminiscing) about my hardware “hacks” on the middle school’s Apple II’s. Now it seems almost silly but, back then how did you get a copy of something without two floppy drives? So, my friend’s an I made the most of the meager 1/2 hour of time on the school’s computers and hi-jacked the floppy drive from one to double up on another. Then we’d copy games for one another or other mundane stuff.

I even spent as much time at the mall on Sears Atari computer displays until getting booted off by the salesperson.I just kept going back for more until it was time to go.

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