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Goverment crack down on Barbeque smoke!

Looks like they want to crack down on barbecue resturant owners in the Q’ Capital of the Southeast: Davidson County, North Carolina! Davidson County (Lexington) is home to many well regarded Q’ resturants.

A classic case of goverment gone wrong while “attempting” to look after the public’s interests.

Sure…let’s regulate barbecue smoke, this will raise the price of operating a compliant resturant so the owner will raise prices and probably layoff a few workers to maintain a profit. Wonderful thinking!

Then, the customer gets clean air (ha!) and a higher priced meal. “Great” news for this area of the country that still has not seen the economic recovery experienced in other areas of the country.

What a benefit goverment is to our economy…not!

Here’s the article:Davidson Leaders Blame Barbecue Smoke For Bad Air

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