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Sick family + sick computer = bad “vacation”

So, no entries…why? Devine Ms. N got ill, Mom got ill, I got ill, then the computer decides to call it quits! We got assorted variations on a cold (ear infection, nose cold, cough, fever). Dunno what the ‘puter got but, it was BAD. Nothing would work! Not Norton, not fdisk, nuttin’ Bootted from a WIN98 SE disk, then hosed the whole mess off.

So, I reformat …blah,blah,blah and the WIN98 disk Dell gave me 4 yrs ago doesn’t even have a f@#%ing serial number on it soooo.. I spend the better part of an hour in voicemail/holding hell finally get a hold of some guy (with a heavy overseas accent). Get the serial number and the install goes buggy! “Missing files so and so .vxd”. I said “what the hell” used my WIN 2K upgrade disk and now it works.

Just a few more programs to re-load. Damn ‘puters too much like money…can’t live with it can’t live without it! Thank G-d for MLK B-day! One day off (not sick) in 11! Glad to be an employee of the State. Delighted everyone (and the ‘puter) are healthy again.

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