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Clinic helps switch off text addicts

From an Australian newspaper. Apparently, those who doth text too much…text to often.

A BRITISH rehabilitation clinic to the rich and famous is treating patients addicted to sending text messages.

The Priory, an upmarket South West London clinic is best known for helping showbiz identities dry out from drugs or alcohol. But a rising number of its patients are seeking help because they can’t keep their hands off their mobile telephones.

Once viewed as a habit that at worst irritates teenagers’ parents, the mobile phone phenomenon has been officially deemed a full-blown addiction, with dozens being treated for compulsive communicating.

Dr Mark Collins said the problem was part of a wider obsession with modern technology.

‘There has been a big rise in the number of behavioural addictions — and many involve texting,’ he said.

Dr Collins said some patients had spent up to seven hours a day texting. One had developed repetitive strain injury because he spent so much time texting.– Ben English ”

Herald Sun: U need us :) Clinic helps switch off text addicts [07oct03]:

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