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Patriot’s,Patriots’, or Patriot? Is there room for more than one Patriot’s Day?

When is a patriot, a patriot, a patriot? When they celebrate Patriots Day. But, when depends on where you might be living or what you might be celebrating.

In New England Patriot’s Day was April 19. Patriots’ Day moved to the third Monday of April in 1969 to coincide with the running of the Boston Marathon.

They celebrate Patriot’s Day on the same day as New England did (originally) in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Senate approved Joint Resolution 9 and the Wisconsin Assembly concurred on Tuesday, January 30, 2001 proclaiming “April 19 of every year as Patriots’ Day in the State of Wisconsin…”. Even Bartleby’s defines Patriots Day as “The third Monday in April”.

After 9/11 we have new Patriots Day celebrations (like this breakfast in San Diego) that take place on 9/11 and fittingly enough a Patriots Day Anthem by Tara Greico. Now before the e-mails start I do agree (like Trent Lott that the Patriotic efforts of a those on 9/11 should be remembered. Let’s just not forget the first Patriots in this country.

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