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Thanks for nothing Continental Airlines

So, me and the family take a trip to Houston (Texas that is) to introduce the little one to the family. While the trip TO Houston was pretty smooth INCLUDING (online check-in,TSA agents, gate personnel, rental car pick up,) and my daughter’s crying during the last hour of flight.

The flight FROM Houston was not. It seems that Continental is including something extra with the flight… colds… for all of us!

Blame the City of Houston for the malfunctioning elevators in their car rental depot.

Shame on the Alamo/National lot attendant who wanted to play the blame game and offer no solution except the escalator!

Praise for the one City of Houston Airport employee we found (finally) that gave a rat’s ass and assisted me with getting all 8 pieces of baggage, plus stroller, and car seat up the escalator.

To add to the “joy” of modern air travel we endured a rather strict enforcement of their 50lb baggage rule (or pay an additional $25). When the retort that “this is the same bag/weight as when we started the trip” yielded nothing and the requsite packing/unpacking was finished I moved all the luggage to the TSA exam area, frustrated by the events to this point.

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Upon our arrival at the security checkpoint I break down the stroller, load the carry-ons for x-ray. Meanwhile, my dear wife is asked repeatedly to step back from the metal detector. Note that she is holding our 22 lb. + infant. As if some rare coniscidence, she is allowed to pass through the metal detector as I complete loading everything on the x-ray machine.

This is utter stupidity!

We resolve right then and there to buy a minivan and no longer be treated like steerage or herded like cattle onto airplanes.

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